A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

## How to play

Destroy the enemy submarines using your depth charges. You may only drop one charge at a time, so time the detonation to hit enemies with the explosion.

Deeper submarines are worth more points, and any remaining time will award a points bonus. When it gets dark you can use the sonar to detect enemies.

Crates that fall from the sky will grant a random powerup. Planes that fly overhead may drop mines, so be careful!

## Controls

- `←` and `→` to move the submarine.
- `SPACE` to drop a depth charge.
- `SPACE` to detonate a dropped charge.
- `S` to emit a sonar pulse.
- `ESC` to quit.

## Credits

Arcade font by Yuji Adachi (http://www.9031.com/p-font/)

Music by James Newton (http://www.prosody.co.uk)

Homepage: https://www.sodaware.net/sb2k


splodey-boats-0.7.1-win32.zip 6 MB
splodey-boats-0.7.1-linux.zip 6 MB
splodey-boats-0.7.1-pi.zip 6 MB

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